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Welcome to your new Salon Home!

I'm in a private salon studio in Lewisburg, PA.


Every visit is an experience that is all about you, your hair and focusing in on what will be your favorite haircut, haircolor or extensions that you have ever worn!


There is free street parking in front of the salon and across the street.

We will begin our first visit with a thorough consultation.  I welcome pictures of what you like and I have a tablet close by and use it for inspiration.  I am a huge fan of visuals to make sure we are speaking the same language.  I will consider your skin tone, bone structure and face shape to customize the look that is perfect for you.  I will maintain a record in your client chart to ensure consistency with all of your future visits.

It is during this consultation time that we will discuss your hair goals and struggles that you are currently facing.  We will map out a plan together for your fist visit and a maintenance plan for future visits.

During your appointment I will make suggestions for home care and styling to protect your investment in your daily routine.  I strongly believe in the value of quality hair products to keep your hair looking its' best. 

I have new guest booking options for you to choose from here.

If you are requesting Haircolor please submit the digital consultation form after booking your appointment or beforehand  if you are not sure which service to choose.

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